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Woof Works

Woof Works was founded by brothers Alexander and Sebastian Martin.  We are teenage brothers who have a passion for making sweet customizable things and we also love pets (c'mon who doesn't)!  We decided to take these passions and turn them into a business so that we could share them with others.  We started our "maker community" spirit with 3D printers and computers and have started working with the beautiful designs that can be created with a professional laser printer.  The second half of our inspiration was from our pets and the impact every pet has on his or her owner.  As volunteers at a local animal shelter, we also decided to give a portion of our profits to a local animal shelter to make sure as many people as possible can experience the love of a pet!

The Woof Works Team!

Both my brother and I knew that as teenagers, we neded help to guarantee success for our business and due to that fact we decided to recruit a team to help.  We reached out to respected business professionals and asked them to join our efforts to launch Woof Works and help animals everywhere.  This top notch team is helping us and guiding us every step of the way:

Brian Schultz - Brian is the principle of Brian Schultz Designs in St. Louis.  Brian is a nationally recognized designer who has designed marketing materials for some of the countries top brands. 

Mark Zimmerman - Mark is the principle of Known Pixels, a top video development company in St. Louis that specializes in helping small businesses deliver their messages via video.

Sherry Huber - Sherry is a founder of one of the top pet speciality dog treat companies in the country.  Her eye for design and understanding of the pet industry have been instrumental in crafting success.

Doug Martin - Our dad! He has been an entreprenuer his entire life and has been helping provide business guidance on how to run a successful business. Without all of his advice and support, we would be nowhere and we owe him quite a bit! Love you dad!!

Of course this team is only half of the inspiration and support for my brother and I. We have the love of two dogs in our life - Nike and Cosmo, and the loving support of our mom Carla Martin.

Together Woof Works has the team to help you treasure the moment.